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    WEBINAR  | Thursday December 8th, 9:00pm edt

    Generate Additional, Low Risk Income on your Stocks,
    Bonds,Currencies, Gold and Oil

    As a follow up to our Western Canada Tour, join Patrick Ceresna CMT,
    DMS, CIM as he applies his expertise in macro fundamentals,
    technical analysis and options trading to real-time global market
    observations and show you how you can take advantage of some
    recent market developments such as the new OPEC deal.

    WEBINAR  | Thursday December 8th, 9:00pm edt
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The Most In Depth Investor & Trader Training Program Available Today

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Macro Masters Program – $2999.99

An understanding of global geo-political, monetary and fiscal policy are critical to your investment process. Learn how the news headlines you see every day impact your portfolio and use this understanding to make better ...

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Option Masters Program – $2999.99

Gain an edge with Options. Apply the option strategies used by professionals to manage risk and increase cash flow.  Dig deeper into the Option Greeks to find out how and why ...

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Technical Masters Program – $2999.99

Take the emotion out of trading and investing. Learn advanced techniques that are 100% applicable to trading stocks, forex, and futures on all timeframes.  Learn to be disciplined and decisive when managing your risk ...

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